Design and consulting services

Our company develops renewable energy projects, especially photovoltaic power plants in the European Union.

In case of interest in our services please contact us.

Construction supervision

Our company is able to provide technical advices during the design and construction supervision during construction of your photovoltaic power plant.

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Construction realization

Our company realize construction of photovoltaic power plants.

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Laboratory testing panels

Our company cooperate with accredited laboratories and we are capable to provide accredited tests:

  • Measurement VA characteristics
  • Visual inspection
  • Insulation test
  • Thermal cycling test – 50 thermal cycles
  • Test using cycling – humidity and freeze
  • Analysis using electroluminescence

To arrange a measurement procedure please contact us.

Panels check using TIC

Visual inspection of installed PV panels using thermal imaging camera that detects thermal defects due to damage to the silicon cell of PV modules and associated power loss.

The measurement results can be used for possible claims by the contractor.

For scheduling measurement process, please contact us.

Visual inspection of PPP

General inspection of PPP, range of inspection with its own individual customer ‘s request, we provide:

  • Control of AC / DC side
  • Check the connections of PV panels
  • Check the fuses
  • Short-circuit testing transformers

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Monitoring center

Our company operates a monitoring center in the Czech and Slovak Republics. Currently expanding monitoring center on the territory of the Republic of Poland.

For connection to our monitoring center, please contact us.

Range service center

Currently, we operate 10 service personnel in the territory of the European Union, who are able to solve the acute technical defect of your PPP.